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The Ultimate Food-Based Detox. – GET THE BOOK!!!

Cleanse! The 3-Week Ultimate Detox Challenge The Cleanse! 3-week Ultimate Detox Diet is not quite a diet but rather a start-up guide to a lifestyle that promotes a nutrition regimen of mostly organic fruits, organic vegetables and whole grains in…

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Dangers of whey

This is the WORST protein powder EVER! – WHEY

Do you even know where Whey comes from? It’s a byproduct of milk that is produced during the cheese making process. By definition, it is the waste of the cheese processing industry. It is a very popular supplement that many doctors consider toxic! So what is it and why is it bad for you?!

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practice self love

How To Practice Self Love

Today, I want you acknowledge and honor your needs and feelings and practice some kindness and compassion with yourself. You can try some of these 5 different ideas on the video below.

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smoothies are making you fat, jovanka

Your Favorite Smoothies Are Making You Fat!

Smoothies are all the rage and with good reason and you want to use them also to detox or lose weight and you may have been doing them for a while for nothing seems any different!

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3-day winter detox

3 Day Winter Detox (Vegan & Food Based) – Day 3

During winter, it is very hard to do a juice only or smoothie or raw foods cleanse. Your body craves warming foods that are grounding, nurturing and comforting. We could still boost our detox channels with a food-based winter detox. Here’s how to do it.

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