Gluten Free Open Avocado Toast

One of my favorite snacks, light lunches or even dinners is a simple open avocado toast on gluten free bread. This ridiculously simple dish has just 3 ingredients, takes 5 mins to prepare and has over 10 grams of protein.

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Is Leaky Gut Caused by Grains?

Vegetarian or Vegan and with Food sensitivities? Listen on! So much has been said about grains causing leaky gut. Is it true? Why are we suffering from leaky gut and other gut problems when people have been eating grains for thousands of years {seemingly} without issues.

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Blackberry Coconut Lime Popsicles

I love this little recipe, perfect for hot summer days but also fun if you have a sweet tooth and want to satisfy it without un-doing a great day full of healthy foods. I often make these and leave in…

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C1CMNP Essential oil rosemary

Essential Oils for Digestive Health

Essential oils are very effective because they provide fast-acting results, such as symptom relief and antimicrobial effects.

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detox and digestion jovanka ciares

How Detox Can Help Your Digestion

Much has and can be said about detox and its benefits for overall health. But can it help you with your tummy troubles? I believe so and here’s how.

2 Comments / 284 View / May 9, 2016