overeating herbal remedy jovanka ciares

Over Eating And Feeling Miserable? Use these!

This is a little recipe I take with me everywhere I travel and have at home for those days when I overeat and/or eat away from home, meaning we might be eating things I normally avoid.

4 Comments / 527 View / May 3, 2016

LGlutamine jovanka ciares

The ONE Thing That Helped Me Heal From IBS

The most common uses of glutamine pare to lose weight fast, burn fat and build muscle. But we now also know that this powerful animo acid is very helpful in treating leaky gut and improving my symptoms of IBS.

4 Comments / 648 View / April 25, 2016

heal gut in 4 steps jovanka ciares

4 Easy Ways To Heal Your Gut

Did you know that the function of your immune system, the state of your mental health, the pain or lack thereof in your joints, and even whether or not you have seasonal allergies can all be determined by one thing?

6 Comments / 459 View / April 19, 2016

Reishi Mushrooms for gut health jovanka ciares

Restore Gut Health with This ONE ingredient

Have you heard of Reishi mushroom? You may not want to toss your next salad with some reishi mushrooms (yeah, they are really bitter), but when you hear what all this little ‘shroom can do, you may decide to add it to your supplement regiment!

4 Comments / 189 View / April 12, 2016

digestive blend recipe jovanka ciares

DIY Digestive Blend For All Body Types

So you’ve been farting stinky bombs for days. Maybe even haven’t popped properly or feel like you should poop a bigger one but it hasn’t come. What to do?

6 Comments / 434 View / April 5, 2016