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How To Support Someone With Depression

How to support someone with depression? There’s a lot being said about people who suffer from it and how to get help but I feel like not a lot is being said or expressed by those who have a loved one that suffers from depression.

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How Constellation Therapy Can Affect Your Weight, Health And Happiness

There’s a unique type of detox (or cleanse) work that is more energetic and has to do with family dynamics. Your relationship with your family can affect your weight, health and happiness. I’ve interviewed here a Familiy Constellation facilitator and therapist to learn a bit more about this powerful type of work.

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power of words

The Power Of Words

Every day for a month I said negative and demeaning words to what I called the “bad apple”. Things like “you’re nasty, fat and ugly. You’re stupid and incapable. You can’t do anything right. Why do you even try! You suck and I hate you”.

The other half, the “good apple” heard beautiful words of encouragement. I told her things like: “you are so smart, amazing, sweet and gentle. You are amazing and I am in awe of you, you are the best, I love you”. The first 7-10 days not much was happening… but then things started to change.

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Home-Made Candida Treatment

This home-made candida treatment is my go-to remedy to get rid of the symptoms of candida in a flash. An anti candida diet is key to control candida overgrowth but this video will show you one of the best home remedies for candida I’ve seen. Hope it helps!

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Foods That Detox Every Time You Eat Them

Check out These amazing foods that detox your body every time to eat them. No need for cleanses and juices. Just add these foods that naturally detox to your diet and you’ll help out your natural detox channels.

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