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3-day winter detox

3 Day Winter Detox (Vegan & Food Based) – Day 1

by / 10 Comments / 672 View / February 3, 2015

During winter, it is very hard to do a juice only or smoothie or raw foods cleanse. Your body craves warming foods that are grounding, nurturing and comforting. Those don’t have to mean fried, doughy shit. We could still boost our detox channels with a food-based winter detox. Here’s how to do it.

This is Video #1

Have any questions about cleanses or winter detox? Let me know in the comments below!

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  3. Jovanka, I tried a detox cleanse in early 2000’s – the results were horrible; had to have a cortisone injections to remove an allergic reaction and full body hives. I can’t seem to remove my coffee addiction or give up my Pinot Grigio at night to relax. I had major sleepiness and withdrawals from the coffee last August. Detox is not for me sorry about that. Stacey Hall

    • So sorry to hear about the reaction. Our bodies are in constant detox mode as it works at eliminating pollutants through the skin, urine and feces. When we do detoxes/cleanses, we’re simply boosting that process. This is why I always do food-based cleanses with clients, instead of juice only cleanses. Juice only cleanses are very strong and can lead to allergic reactions like this one. I’m glad you’re better, though.

  4. You said no natural sugars…so no honey in the tea right?

    • No honey during the cleanse!

  5. I have struggled with my wt most of my life. Later i found out that i had to have a complete thyroid removal. That just means more issues type 2 diabetic. When I was younger, in College I was following a plant based diet, as much as I could, now retired I want to have better health, (I’m very much over wt.) I can give this all my attention. I was doing well I lost about 30 lb.s now I am not losing at all. need some help. I found u when I was looking for alternative meal plans. By the way while having my children my Dr. was not a fan of plant based eating and so ended that way of life for me and it has been very hard to return to plant based meals. I need lots of help. I looked at the detox plan I’m not sure if I can do this being a diabetic. what I’m doing now is fish, chicken, and some turkey, lots of veggies. Have u any suggestions?

    • Thanks for reaching out Maria. You’re taking the right steps towards a new way of living. Addressing all these issues here is a little hard, perhaps we can talk privately in more details. Please email me at to discuss. Thanks!

  6. Your so beautiful and natural in your video. I am so glad I stumbled upon your winter detox video, because I am a juicer, but of late I have just not felt like juicing. Your video made me realize it is the very cold winter here in the north east that may be contributing to this. I am going to follow your 3 day good based detox. Easy recipes, and instructions. Thanks!

    • Oh, so sweet of you, thanks! I know, I was on the same boat, I’m glad this helped!

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