Favorite Herbs For Sleeplessness And/Or Low-Level Anxiety

On this video, I show you my go to “hacks” and a few herbs (including an awesome, yet simple remedy) to help your mind and body relax and manage your sleeplessness and low level anxiety.

0 Comments / 69 View / May 23, 2017

Herbal Tonic for Feminine Health

Regardless of where you are in your life: early 20’s and enjoying singlehood, perhaps ready to conceive, struggling with hormonal issues, have absolutely no sex drive, dealing with pre menopause or menopause, just to name a few, this female tonic herb will help you for sure!

0 Comments / 87 View / May 16, 2017

7 Principles to Health and Wealth as a Business Woman

You’re a woman entrepreneur that feels like you need to split in 3 to get things done. And too often you’re overwhelmed and exhausted. You know your body can be better and that you need to do something but don’t know what, when or how.

0 Comments / 41 View / May 9, 2017

“Magic” Herb that kills STRESS + Ashwagandha

This little marble is called Ashwagandha and the people in India and those in the West who follow Ayurveda, have known about its amazing properties for decades.

0 Comments / 74 View / May 3, 2017

Best DYI Mosquito Repellent

Fortunately there are natural alternatives to the toxic and chemical laden commercial mosquito repellents. Today’s video will show you one of my favorites (and one that my family in Puerto Rico uses regularly)

0 Comments / 112 View / April 26, 2017