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Meet Jovanka Ciares – Detox For Weight Loss Expert

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shilajit benefits

What Is SHILAJIT And How It Can Help You!

I had abdominal surgery a few months ago to remove benign (but pesky) tumors in my uterus (also known as fibroids). I’ve been using a few alternative treatments to help me recover faster and more effectively. Taking Shilajit was one of the main things I used to manage pain and reduce the inflammation associated with major surgery.

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yoga breathing execise

The Best Of All Yoga Breathing Exercises

Also known as alternate nostril breathing, this is a wonderful practice that you learn in yoga classes and all. This video will show you how.

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what your poop says about you

What Your Poop Says About You

This video will show you the types of poo that you and me have all done and the one tea remedy that helps me get rid of long term constipation in a flash!

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natural remedies for constipation

Review Of The Most Common Natural Remedies For Constipation

We are all highly constipated, it’s true. While this is a billion dollar industry, someone we are still confused about which of the most popular remedies are the most effective. So I’ve decided to look at the top 5 most popular ones in terms of use and give you my take on each of them.

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