ways to keep warm in the cold months

Ways To Keep Warm In The Cold Months

A variety of foods can help the body stay warm during these winter months. Here are some of the grains, spices and oils give the body energy to keep warm.

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natural remedy for bloating

Natural Remedy For Bloating

So you had a great big ass meal and now you’re bloated and gassy. What to do? Here’s a real simple concoction tea that will kill that bloat in just a few minutes.

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natural insomnia remedies

Natural Insomnia Remedies

Apart from the average things you already know: establishing consistent bedtime routine, eating a clean diet, avoid caffeine and large meals at night, there are a couple of supplements and this one awesome herbal remedy that you can use to help you get a good night sleep! Check out the video below.

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moxibustion moxabustion for injury healing

Moxibustion for Injury Healing

I had abdominal surgery a few weeks ago to remove benign (but pesky) tumors in my uterus (also known as fibroids). I’ve been using a few alternative treatments to help me recover faster and more effectively. Using a moxa stick or moxibustion is one of the ways I’m managing pain and reduce inflammation associated with major surgery.

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quinoa's dirty little secret

Quinoa’s Dirty Little Secret

The price of quinoa has tripled since 2006, making it almost impossible for the people of the Andes, the original consumers of quinoa, to afford it any more! If you’re a vegan or vegetarian or someone who is just trying to eat a little more consciously, you probably consume quinoa fairly often. You probably consider things like sustainability, water and energy footprint and in general are aware of the effect your choices make on the lives of thousands around the world.

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