stop salt cravings, jovanka ciares

What Does It Mean When You Crave Salt (And How To Stop It)

Do you feel like you crave salt regularly? Think you eat way too may salty foods? Or maybe not enough? Yes, eating too much salt is bad, but eating too little is bad too. Salt is necessary to control the balance of body fluids, provide vital trace minerals and is crucial for growth and reproduction. So do you have cravings?

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how to prepare for fall and winter, jovanka ciares

How To Keep Your Body Healthy During Fall/Winter

Here are some of the easy steps you can take in the next few days to prepare your body for the harsh winter, prevent diseases and staying strong and happy.

5 Comments / 265 View / October 6, 2015

beet hummus vegan recipe

Simple Hummus Recipe + Vegan

This week, I’m doing a collaboration with chef Jenne Claiborne and she is going to show you how to make the yummiest, quickest, prettiest, easiest beet hummus there is!

4 Comments / 225 View / September 28, 2015

vegan mushroom risotto

Vegan Mushroom Risotto Recipe

Do you like to eat healthy and enjoy recipes that are fun and tasty but hate the fact that many yummy recipes are covered in cheese and other not-so-healthy ingredients?’

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how to add flavor to water

Best Way To Flavor Water

My herbal professor used to say never drink water alone, add herbs to get all the benefits and healing properties of the herbs. Perfect way to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Here are the favorite things I add to my water every day.

2 Comments / 365 View / September 8, 2015