Detox For Weight Loss

I used to think that detox was not a safe or effective way to lose weight.

In fact, I often recommended my clients never to use detox for weight loss.Detox for Weight Loss Results My rationale dual:

  • Detox and cleanses are meant to be used to remove toxins, boost your digestive and natural detox organs and give your body a rest.
  • I was afraid that people would use extreme measures (like going on a 7-day water only fast) to attain that elusive weight goal.

And now, after doing cleanses for myself and my clients for over 10 years, I must admit that my views regarding detox cleanse for weight loss have changed. Here are a few of the reasons why:

  • You are exposed to more harmful chemicals and pollutants than your body has the capacity to get rid of. Toxins that cannot be eliminated are wrapped in fat molecules and stored. As long as your body remains overly toxic, it will be very hard to lose the fat, as it serves as a protective layer against the harmful chemicals.
  • The work of well established doctors and nutritionists like Dr Alejandro Junger and Kimberly Snyder show us that detox for weight loss works! Consuming a clean, anti-inflammatory diet can help us lose weight while cleansing in a safe and healthy way.
  • Detoxes allow you to go within, redefine your relationship with food (when done properly and supervised), listen to the cues of your body and become aware of cravings, bad habits and other behaviors that keep you on that yo-yo diet state.
  • I’ve seen it with my own eyes. My clients come to me because they want to learn how to detox but end up losing weight and solving dozens of health issues, from constipation to lack of sleep and from aches and pains to lack of energy.

I still believe in the amazing healing powers of detoxes and now, more than ever, I am committed to help people like you heal from the inside out, become stronger, and happier within your body with the power of detox for weight loss.