1-on-1 Personalized Coaching

Wellness Smackdown™ 1-1 Coaching

The body you want. The loving smackdown you need.

Let’s keep it real:

With all the “unofficial” research you’ve done — books, magazines, blog posts + videos – you probably know more about proper nutrition than twenty doctors rolled into one.
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Even so, you’re not feeling sleek, strong or sexy. Or energetic. Or happy. Or healthy.

Or … any of the feelings you want to feel.

But you don’t need more information. If anything, you need less.

Because your brain? It’s totally saturated.


What you do need …

… is a Smackdown.

A loving, tender, no-nonsense Smackdown.

A Smackdown about what you’re putting into your body, and how much, and why.

The kind of Smackdown that results in real motivation.

An un-ignorable reminder of why you want to look + feel amazing, in the first place.

Because without personalized motivation, you’re not going to stick with anything, for long – no matter how many books you read, how many juicers you buy, or how many gym membership cards you tuck into your wallet.

You need A Full Body, Mind, Spirit RESET.

And I’m the one & only Jovanka on the planet who can give it to you. 😉

jovanka for the smackdown


The Jovanka Smackdown is a 3-month health and wellness reality-check, held over the phone. (You can stay in your yoga pants — or even your pajamas.)

Your coaching program will be tailored to your #1 health goal-of-the-moment (detox for weight loss, create healthy habits, boosting your immune system, balancing hormones, getting glossy hair + smooth skin just in time for your wedding … whatever you crave, I can “smack” it to you).

Even though this is a personalized package to suit your specific needs and goals, here are the basic guidelines of what you should expect:

  • A pre-meeting welcome email with a detailed questionnaire of your diet habits and history, exercise routines, medical history, goals and challenges.
  • 3 monthly 60-minute calls (once per week) with a certified nutrition coach (Moi)
  • Customized homework to be completed on the 4th week of each month.
  • A separate 45-minute evaluation call, at the 90-day mark to access the progress and adjust accordingly
  • A customized yet easy-to-follow wellness program designed to meet your nutritional and personal development goals and making your life as easy as possible.
  • Access to the Total Wellnes Smackdown Membership for 6 months (coming up in Summer 2016) with exclusive, high content training:
    • Sexy Body Reset 6-week health plan
    • CLEANSE! And COOK! Ebooks
    • Weekly meal plans
    • Interview with industry experts
    • Webinars and live Q& A
  • Worksheets and supporting materials
  • Unlimited e-mail support throughout the program
  • Referrals to exceptional healing practitioners as needed
  • A virtual grocery store tour


jovanka for the smackdown1

The Wellness Smackdown isn’t just about how much you want to weigh, or how you want to look —

it’s about how you want to live your life.

This text message from a client says it all:

“Went dancing last night, danced one hour straight. Before, after one song I’d be dead exhausted. Not anymore. Felt like a walk in the park. THANK YOU!”


Ready for your Loving Smackdown?

Let’s get shaking.

Your Investment: **Contact For Details And Fees**

Write to me at inquiries@jovankaciares.com (or Click Here) and put “1-1 Coaching” in your subject line.

Let the tough lovin’ begin!



Susan_ArnoldAs a wellness coach and speaker, Jovanka is inspirational and knowledgeable and not only meets her own goals but more significantly, she assist students and clients in identifying and achieving their goals.

Her passion for this work provides motivation, understanding and momentum to people seeking to make healthy changes in their lives. I highly recommend her to anyone ready to make those changes.

– Susan A., New York



Anna_K_ColumbusYou are awesome! I have been doing the diet and herbs you suggested and I’ve never felt better.

Seriously, my headaches are gone, I’m sleeping better, I’ve been working out and I’m losing weight again and I’m not tired. I barely even have cramps and it’s that time of the month… really amazing.

– Anna K., Columbus, OH