Lisa_DavisI recently had the pleasure of interviewing Jovanka Ciares on my radio show It’s Your Health heard on commercial radio and NPR. After our first interview, I immediately invited her back!   Jovanka is warm, engaging, and very knowledgable about what it means to live a healthy lifestyle.    Having struggled with her own health issues, Jovanka knows first hand how vital good health is to a person’s happiness.

Once Jovanka discovered the way to good health  her mission is to help others find their way to a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. The big changes Jovanka made in her body, mind and soul has given her the passion and commitment to helping others.  

Jovanka’s philosophy of  “Knowledge + Focused Work + Positive Thinking = MIRACLES!” really works!  

– Lisa Davis, Host NPR’s It’s Your Health


Kendra_NewtonJovanka Ciares is the go-to Holistic Wellness expert to help you improve your life mentally, physically and emotionally. She shares her knowledge in a way that’s both easy to understand and follow, making her a coveted resource for consumers and the media.

Such outlets as The Huffington Post, EveryDay Health, Your Bella Life, amNew York and have trusted Jovanka’s advice to better the lives of their readers, and so should you!

– Kendra Newton,




Karen_LitzyJovanka has been one of my favorite guests on my radio show.  She exudes confidence and is full of energy and positivity.   More importantly, she is very knowledgeable in the areas of nutrition and holistic living.  She has the ability to break down difficult concepts and explain them in a way that is easily accessible to the general public.  She is a breath of fresh air and I look forward to having her on the show again!

 – Karen Litzy, Host Talking Alternative Radio’s Healthy, Wealthy and Smart



Let me begin by saying Jovanka is a really special woman. She is intelligent, unique and full of energy! During my work with her we constructed a Life Vision Board to get my imagination flowing about what I wanted for my future. Her words of wisdom and her natural empathy guided me through the process and I came away energized and with a renewed sense of optimism.

The ideas helped me design a plan for my future. I would love to work with Jovanka every weekend!

–        Debbie Berebichez, PhD


Susan_ArnoldAs a wellness coach and speaker, Jovanka is inspirational and knowledgeable and not only meets her own goals but more significantly, she assist students and clients in identifying and achieving their goals. Her passion for this work provides motivation, understanding and momentum to people seeking to make healthy changes in their lives.

I highly recommend her to anyone ready to make those changes.

– Susan A., New York


Anna_K_ColumbusYou are awesome! I have been doing the diet and herbs you suggested and I’ve never felt better.

Seriously, my headaches are gone, I’m sleeping better, I’ve been working out and I’m losing weight again and I’m not tired. I barely even have cramps and it’s that time of the month… really amazing.

– Anna K., Columbus, OH


Jacquie_ParkerGrowing up, I watched my mother buy every fat-burning pill or exercise machine on the market. She tried every diet within reach, but when it fell short, it was a quick return to over indulging and binge eating. Thus, I only knew food and life as either “on a diet” or “off a diet”. Jovanka sat down with me and let me take all the time I needed to come to terms with the root of my dieting failures and obsessions, and helped me realize I could break a vicious cycle not only for myself but for my future family.

After only 2 weeks on her cleanse diet, I was down 2 dress sizes. With the compliments flowing in on my new look, I returned to Jovanka and said to her, “I want this new feeling of confidence and beauty to be the norm – not the exception. I want this all the time.” She when above and beyond to find the perfect life-style plan that was “me”, and made this “new body” of mine my “new normal”. I could not be happier, and have never been so inspired by a single persons’ inner beauty, her hard work, and dedication to make you the best you possible.

– Jacquie P., Orange County, CA


Oscar_M._Los_AngelesJovanka clearly has dreams of this world being a better place and all beings living a better life, but they are not just dreams or something that she preaches about… she lives it.


– Oscar M. Los Angeles, CA





Jovanka is an amazing person who is truly dedicated to help people feel better. Her enthusiasm and passion for improving the health of her clients shines through. She provides great advice, motivation, and guidance.   You will love working with Jovanka!

– Nancy W., New York




After working with Jovanka I have kept up eating the same way as much as possible. This week had a few cheats but now for lunch, the best quinoa salad in the world. I have more energy than ever. Went dancing last night, danced one hour straight. Before, after one song I’d be dead exhausted. Not anymore.

Felt like a walk in the park. THANK YOU!

– Alejandra Duque, Queens, NY




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