Sexy Body

What Would It Take For You To Feel Sexy In Your Body Again?

A sexy body is in the eye of the beholder and a sexy body starts in your head.


Sexy BodyYou know this: sexy is a state of mind. It comes from within. It’s unique to every individual. Sexy is something attractive and exciting that invokes pleasure or the potential for pleasure and that means different things for you or me.

Sexy is about the way you feel, not about the way you look.

Think about Marilyn Monroe: the world over thought of her as an extremely desirable, sexy woman with an amazingly sexy body. But she struggled because she couldn’t see herself as sexy.

Do you need a flat belly to be sexy? Or be sexually attracted to find that someone sexy? Absolutely not!

What I teach people like you is how to see sexy as an energy, a light that attracts more beautiful light. I want you to feel happy, healthy, strong and surrounded by energy that both allows your light to shine and attract a similar light.

I want you to cultivate your desires and goals to the best version of you!

There are many ways in which this could be accomplished, but 3 of them (to me) are essential:JOVANKA, SEXY BODY, JOVANKA CIARES

  • Learning to understand and address the cues from your body as a doorway into a deeper, more meaningful dimension of self
  • Bringing back pleasure into your eating experience so every meal leaves you feeling nourished AND happy, not the other way around!
  • Reset Your Body so you see results on the outside that will fuel motivation on the inside. Learn more on my Sexy Body Reset Here!

Enough with the self-loathe and the smack talk!

Let’s embrace self-love, one action, one thought and one meal at a time!

That is the key to a sexy body, a blissful mind and a peaceful soul!


Start Your Sexy Body Reset With This Morning Drink!

Make Sure To Take It In The Morning And On An Empty Stomach

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