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life is messy bootcamp

The ONLY Thing That Helps Me Stay Organized In A Crazy Busy World

I’ve tried many systems to stay organized and disciplined and was always left looking for me. On this video I’ll show you the ONLY thing that has been effective for me and now it is used by my entire team!

3 Comments / 121 View / September 4, 2014

speed up your metabolism

Tips To Help You Speed Up Your Metabolism

On this video you will learn what the heck is metabolism, how it affects your weight management and 5 tips that keep my clients’ metabolism nice and high and their weight nice and low.

0 Comments / 47 View / August 19, 2014

get immediate constipation relief

How To Get Immediate Constipation Relief

Tens of millions of people suffer from constipation more than 3 times a week. In fact, there are tons of people out there that can go up to a week without going! You shouldn’t have to suffer through that. Pooping is a natural process that should happen effortlessly 2-3 times per day if you are healthy and eat the foods that your body was genetically designed to eat.

16 Comments / 1356 View / April 16, 2013

how to stop procrastination

The Fool-Proof Cure For Procrastination

Procrastination is the bane of people’s existence. The waste of time that a lot of us engage in everyday is almost sickening. The valid reasons for leaving an important task behind are as numerous as they are creative. If you are stuck on it and having a hard time figuring out what to do, check out the video to learn more!

3 Comments / 155 View / April 2, 2013

crazy ads on TV

Are The Food Ads on TV examples of False Advertising?

You may be wondering the same thing: what’s up with all the ads claiming things that are not really true. Ads about juices that are 100% fruit juice and yogurts that will help you poop better and cereals that will help you lose weight and all kinds of other “foods” that are (supposedly) great for you and will make you smart, popular, healthy and successful.

0 Comments / 724 View / March 12, 2013