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what are probiotics

Have You Ever Heard Of Probiotics?

Do you know that you that there are bacteria that is not only good for you for actually essential to help you lose weight, have lots of energy and feel great? Well in fact, some of these bacteria will do this and much more!

6 Comments / 136 View / June 19, 2012

i can't poop constipation relief

Are You Ready To Talk About Poo?

We all hate talking about it but poo (or better yet pooping) is an important part of the quest for health and wellness. Prevention of disease starts with good nutrition, followed really closely by proper elimination of toxins, pollutants and debris. We all do it, so get over yourself and watch this!

22 Comments / 54 View / June 12, 2012

clinton goes vegan jovanka

Bill Clinton Embraces A Plant-Based Diet

Former president Bill Clinton has done a transformation that has changed his life! Watch this video to learn about the experience with a new diet and lifestyle that has helped him deal with his heart disease and even lose a few extra pounds.

2 Comments / 168 View / June 5, 2012

how to keep toxins away

What To Do To Keep Toxins Away

There are just too many of them all around you and it will be impossible to fully avoid them. BUT, there is much you can do to help minimize the damage that these chemicals do to your body.

14 Comments / 49 View / May 29, 2012

7 Reasons To Detox

7 Reasons You Should Detox

Spring is in full force and most of us take this time to clean, organize and get ready for the more active, warmer months. Chances are you already have or are planning some major Spring cleaning: your closets, your kitchen, your office space.

But have you ever given your insides a Spring cleaning?

0 Comments / 40 View / May 22, 2012