Tips To Achieve Wellness From Within

Tips To Achieve Wellness From Within

Spa still life of tea, bamboo, and buddhaPreventative health is about being aware and curious about what happens in your body, what goes in and how it touches all areas of your life.

It is also about understanding that you are not just a body, but body, mind and soul. You can be OK while managing one or the other but it is very hard to be great, to thrive when one part of this triumvirate is neglected or ignored.

Creating wellness requires balance and balance is the hardest thing to conquer in this ever increasing crazy world we live in. I am a staunch promoter of balance, when and where possible.


 I am also realistic; I know that balance is not a perfect science.

No, life will never be perfectly balanced at all times. Sometimes you have to hustle to get things done and that means that other parts of life may be neglected. If that is the case, it is important to remember that this stage will come to an end and you will have an opportunity to get back to a more balanced routine, to get back to a state of wellness.

Our time on earth is relatively short and we must find the right combination of hard work, hard play and relaxation that works for us.

The resources listed below will help you get clarity and develop your own tools to achieve a balanced state of wellness from the inside out.

Open Your Mind

You want to explore possibilities never before considered (or considered but never tried) but don’t really know how? This article can help you with this very important first step. Click Here To Go To The Article.


Positivism For Change

A balanced, happy mind is a positive mind. Shifting your mindset from negative to positive takes time and practice. Go To This Article to learn more.


Eliminate Negativity

You want to be positive but years of conditioning and heartbreak have left you jaded. How do you eliminate those negative thoughts that keep creeping up in your mind every day? Check out this article to find out how!


Rebel Against Cruelty

Have you heard of the ripple effect? The belief that every action has consequences that will affect others incrementally. Every one of your thoughts and actions impacts the world around you.  Doing good is a one way to achieve wellness, rebelling against and fighting the bad will positively impact you as much as the world around you. Check out these tips and lean how!


Pick Yourself Up After A Failure

Something went wrong and you are left to pick up the pieces. How do you pick yourself up and go on after a failure. Click to watch this video and find out how.


Can You Accept And Let Go?

Sometimes life is unfair and bad things happen to good people. The “why” is sometimes unbearable. The “how” is just as hard. In this video, recorded after back-to back devastating events in my life, I share how to develop the strength to let go and move on. Check Out The Video Here.


Leadership Tips From Mandela

The great African leader Nelson Mandela is the world’s foremost mentor on the power of forgiving, fighting to justice and leading with positive intent. Check out my tribute to Madiba and learn how his leadership lessons can help you achieve wellness from within. Click Here For The Article!


Want more inspiration? Check out my transformational program the Sexy Belly Cleanse, a mind-body-spirit cleanse that will help you achieve Wellness From Within.