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Can You Accept And Let Go?…(There May Be Tears On This One)

by / 11 Comments / 178 View / January 22, 2013

When you want something really badly….

And have poured your heart and soul into it……

When you have worked your ASS off for something or someone…..

When you want things to work for you and yet they don’t….

How do you give in, face out…

Let Go?

Today’s video may just be what you need to hear today.

Go back to this video every time you feel like you have taken a step backwards.

11 Comment

  1. Jovanka,

    It is as though you knew. But how could you ?… I am in the last week of ending my relationship. I am trying to be positive but every corner I turn in this house reminds me next week I will no longer be here. Your opening statement were exactly how I was feeling. I did work my ass off to make things work…but they didn’t. I awoke this morning so anxious and apprehensive. Truth be known, I have had thoughts of death, not suicide but more of I wonder if I would be mourned.
    I always come to my mail and have my coffee it is a ritual, routine I have in begining my day. Today I was met by your kind and sweet words. It has changed my whole outlook. I thank you, and I appreciate you. You are stellar. Thank you for your gift today.

    Love, light, and hope,


    • Thanks for the beautiful words Drew. I’m so glad this video helped you. It gives me hope and strength to continue to do what I do. Blessings, love and light to you too!

  2. Oh Jovanka, this breaks my heart but I’m so glad you’re able to turn your pain around and use it to help other people. You will be BLESSED because of your big heart.

    • Thank you Terri. Blessings to you as well!

  3. Oof!
    Hard to make and hard to watch – this video, Jovanka!
    Thank you so much for this pot of gold and you definitely attract our good energies.
    Much love,

    • Thanks Llyane. Much love to you as well.

  4. Great video, coming so much from your heart. For your consideration, I would add would be to share with your readers HOW to move into acceptance when there is resistance. For some, there is an intention, a desire to accept but also at the same time, they are not able to. What then? Light and love to you!

    • Wonderful idea. Thanks for the tip Claire!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful video. Please continue giving hope to many, and don’t get tired posting lots of good health ideas, I am really learning so much from you. Thanks Jovanka, continue to be a blessing to many of us.

  6. Wowza!!! So many feels…mostly “yes, please.

    • Aww, sending you lots of love!!!

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