Everything I offer is designed to help you live a happy, healthy, sexy life

Immune Defense With Herbs

Reclaim Your State Of Wellness

This 10-day, self-study course will become a powerful toolkit with protocols, plans and information that will help you become more resilient, better educated and empowered than ever before.

Get Off Sugar

Improve Your Health

The most efficient and simple way to reduce your sugar cravings and dependence by up to 89% using the power of herbal blends!



A Gentle, Food-Based, Mind-Body-Spirit Cleanse, done in the privacy of your home and the vegan recipes to go with them. These are Jovanka’s best-selling e-books, sold for 50% off. Get both e-books and we’ll send you two extra bonuses, on us!


IN-DEPTH DETOX CLEANSE RIGHT AT HOME is an invitation only, exclusive, highly curated detox cleanse done in the privacy of your own home.

Our goal is to help you achieve your specific short-term goals (detox for weight loss, award season readiness, boosting your immune system, balancing hormones, getting ready for your wedding), in as little as 21 days.

The program includes weekly detox (abhyanga) massages, meal replacements, one-on-one coaching, herbal supplements and more.



Una limpieza suave, basada en alimentos, de mente-cuerpo-espíritu, hecha en la intimidad de su hogar y las recetas veganas que la acompañan. Estos son los libros electrónicos más vendidos de Jovanka, vendidos por 50% de descuento. ¡Consiga ambos libros electrónicos y le enviaremos dos bonificaciones adicionales, gratuitamente!

El programa de desintoxicación de azúcar mas popular en el internet. ¡Por Fin! La Manera Más Eficaz Y Sencilla De Eliminar Tu Dependencia Al Azúcar. Una vez que terminé este plan, me di cuenta de que nunca podría volver a mis viejas costumbres. ¡Esto se convirtió en mi estilo de vida!

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