Work With Me

Work With Me

You wouldn’t drive a car that was filled up with the wrong kind of fuel.

That would be dangerous.18- health and productivity harmony

You wouldn’t play a guitar that was completely out of tune.

That would be irritating.

You wouldn’t walk out of the house wearing a blouse that was missing one sleeve, five buttons, and folded inside-out.

That would be crazy.

But you might be living your life with the wrong kind of fuel, an out-of-tune body, and a wellness regime that’s totally twisted + falling apart.

The good news? No matter what you look + feel like today, you are not beyond repair.

The great news? You’re not alone. I’m here. 🙂

“I read your blog like every week. Your story-telling style is witty, keep doing what you’re doing!”


As a wellness expert + nutrition coach, I’m here to help you create the sexy, happy, healthy life + body you want — by delivering the smackdown you need.

I’m tough — but tender, too. And I won’t let you let yourself down.

Ready for a transformational reality-check?

Choose your own adventure:


The Jovanka Smackdown

photo work with me

You want: in-your-face coaching, a customized action plan and a life-changing jolt of motivation. (Not to mention: a sexy,

happy, healthy body that feels good to live in.)

My clients have called me a “miracle worker” and a “total spitfire.” This is NOT wellness + weight loss coaching as usual. (Thank god!)



The Clean Foods Diet Method

CFDM for blog

You want: a cleansing + purifying approach to eating — that’ll turn into a lifestyle.

This digital program is designed for you to move through on your own, at home. Meal plans, shopping lists, recipes from celebrity chefs, a journal to capture your success — it’s all inside.

(You’re going to look + feel better, by this time next week. And it just gets hotter from there…)




The Sexy Belly Cleanse

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You want: a flatter belly, a boost of energy, and a groovin’ immune system.

This 4-week cleanse is designed for you to move through on your own, at home — focusing on the center of your being + body: your belly. Prepare to ignite your inner sun + dial up your fat-burning hormones.

Cleanse. Glow. Move. GO.




Need an extra dose of inspiration to make the first move?

Check out my books, my blog + free tools, and read through my rave reviews.

Then: believe in yourself — and choose.

(I already believe in you.)


 What Others Are Saying!

After working withAlejandra_Duque Jovanka I have kept up eating the same way as much as possible. This week had a few cheats but now for lunch, the best quinoa salad in the world. I have more energy than ever. Went dancing last night, danced one hour straight.

Before, after one song I’d be dead exhausted. Not anymore. Felt like a walk in the park. THANK YOU!

– Alejandra Duque, Queens, NY




Jovanka is an amazing person who is truly dedicated to help people feel better. Her enthusiasm and passion for improving the health of her clients shines through. She provides great advice, motivation, and guidance.

You will love working with Jovanka!

– Nancy W., New York