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how to follow a healthy lifestyle

How To Follow A Healthy Lifestyle

by / 3 Comments / 142 View / June 26, 2012

Does change come easy for you? Are you comfortable with your current lifestyle filled with too much BK, McD’s, coffee and soda? Do you enjoy the benefits of that lifestyle (weight gain, mood swings and premature aging)?!?!? I bet you DON’T!

This video will give you some insights into changing your life and enjoying a healthy lifestyle.



Serious, long-lasting changes in diet and lifestyle may require the coaching of a wellness or health professional but there are many things you can do TODAY to help put you on that path towards happiness, health and good stuff!

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3 Comment

  1. Great video Jovanka! Breaking old habits is hard, but the payoff of a well-balanced diet and life is so worth it!!!

    • You said it best Rebecca! Thanks for the comment (I checked your site, looks great!).

  2. The first week, you get acquainted with your new routine,
    and the end of the diet seems so far away.    Once you are on the calorie restricted diet and when the body demands energy, the HCG hormone will ensure that that energy is
    released from the stored fats and not from your
    lean muscle mass. It is a bit pricey, but is well worth the extra money.

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