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Learn How To Meditate

by / 14 Comments / 55 View / July 31, 2012

I often say that meditation is the practice of training the mind to achieve control, peace and other benefits.

Others may define it differently and that is because meditation is a personal, highly individual practice, subject to interpretation and often adjusted based on the person’s needs, tastes and lifestyle.

Today’s video below will give you a few very useful pointers to help you start a personal and fulfilling meditation practice.

Do you meditate? Do you know anyone who does? What has been your experience? Let me know. Leave your comment below this video!



14 Comment

  1. Love this! I need to incorporate it into my daily ritual more. I do what I like to call an active meditation 🙂 I walk for about 30 minutes outside every morning, work on my breathing, and clear my head. I don’t know if this counts but I enjoy it 🙂 Keep the posts coming! Great work!

    • Commuting with nature, clearing your head and being grateful is all very contemplative and spiritual. I truly believe it. Thanks Brittany!

  2. Great getting started guide! Have been participating in Deepak Chopra’s 21 days of Meditation over the last month to start my new meditation habit, its been lovely 🙂

    • I’ve never tried them but I may have to check them out. Keep it going!

  3. I’ve never meditated, but am very intrigued and would like to try it and get it into part of my morning routine. I love the idea of having a special place to meditate. Do you have any suggestions for books or tapes to look at for a total beginner?

    • Hey Lisa – Yes! I love Dr. Wayne Dyer; he has a number of tapes and books on meditation. I’d recommend you to try “Getting In The Gap”. It’s a book and also a meditation CD. Great for those starting out.

      • Meditation is very useful when grieving the loss of a loved one. It helps calm the mind and brings more balance into your life when everything seems out of balance. Learning how to meditate is not as hard as most people think. This video gives great information on how to get started.

        • Couldn’t agree with you more. Thanks for the beautiful message!

  4. Jovanka – When I meditate I feel much clearer and grounded. I know this, but don’t always have a consistent practice. How do you feel about meditation through activity?

    • I think certain types of activity are a little easier to do than others while meditating: walking on the beach or in the woods, some forms of yoga and some types of dancing can combined with meditation, as long as you set clear intentions and can maintain your focus throughout the practice. It is not easy to do, but in time and with practice, it can be done.

  5. Love this video, well done! I just started meditating recently and LOVE Gabby Bernstien’s Spirit Junkie guided meditation audio series. Now I just need to work on making it a regular practice!

    • I haven’t tried Gabby’s CD. Must put them on my list. Thanks for the comment!

  6. I find that my meditation practice includes all of the things you mention in the video – it changes from day-to-day and even throughout the day, depending on what I need!

    My struggle is simple consistency; but that’s true not only for meditation, but for most things in my life!

    • Lol, very try, Phyllis. I sit on my cushion, even if for only 30 seconds, just to keep that consistency there. Thanks for the comment!

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