Jovanka Ciares


Jovanka brings with her a wealth of expertise and experiences that both redefine and inspire the way consumers and corporations approach the ever-evolving health, and work-place wellness markets.

HER SPEAKING / ON-CAMERA STYLE? Fresh, with a little bit of witty cheekiness, and a talent for exploring ancient practices and emerging trends in a way that audiences can consume and embrace.


captivate — and motivate — YOUR audience.

For over a decade, Jovanka Ciares has been a driving force in the disease prevention and healthy living education in the United States and Latin America. Jovanka inspires with informative insights; motivates audiences to explore the latest development in the world of wellness and alternative treatments and provides unique tools to help people marry traditional wellness practices with modern health care.

Her experience with chronic health conditions considered incurable by Western medicine standards led her to a 15-year journey through traditions like Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Western Herbalism and Latin American healing modalities that helped her body healed and because the catalyst to become a Certified Wellness & Live Coach, a Registered Herbalist and healthy living advocate and educator. In 2013, her TEDx talk on “Rethinking Failure” described her journey through healing and triumph over disease.

At the start of the 2020 World Pandemic, Jovanka launched the #ReclaimingWellness educational initiative, which educates BIPOC communities, Corporate audiences and people struggling with life-threatening and chronic conditions on the power of traditional wellness practices and mindfulness for their healing journey. Her book “Reclaiming Wellness” (new World Library, April 19, 2022).

Jovanka offers speaking engagements, lectures and interactive workshops in both Spanish and English.


Speaking Topics

Creating a Culture of Wellness in Your Business / Organization

Making healthy choices consistently is easier said than done. In today’s modern world, people have been hard-wired to fear and reject change, yet change is a constant in all of our lives. And, while your audience members are increasingly gravitating towards making changes in their diet and lifestyle, information overload and disinformation may create hindrance in their wellness journey.

In this innovative take on a modern keynote, Jovanka entertains and educates audiences about embracing change that leads to healthy eating and healthy living habits.

Ms. Ciares is able to offer tools, unique analysis and perspective on the state of the healthcare and wellness industries, explore tools that can be implemented in workplace environments and offer guidelines for success in your healthy living goals at work and at home; all with incentives that organizations can establish for their employees.

Reclaiming Wellness: Embracing Ancestral Practices To Reclaim Your Natural State of Well-being

The disparities in healthcare access, nutrition education and healthy food choices came to a brutal head during the COVID-19 Pandemic of early 2020. While long term solutions would require major changes in public health policies, socio economic development and access to both education and healthy food options, much can be done at work and at home to improve the health and well-being of people across your community.

In this interactive keynote, which is also offered as a workshop, Jovanka Ciares encourages audiences to learn, become inspired and embrace the history of the most popular wellness practices of today, most of which can be traced back to generations past.

This type of knowledge encourages audiences to examine your choices with fresh eyes and become an active participant the process of regaining their rightful state of wellness.

Building a Society of Health and Wellness Seekers

Healthcare is one of the leading costs for Corporations today. So it is important for organizations and their members to embrace preventative practices that keep them healthy and reduce healthcare costs. Jovanka infuses wit and transparency with interpersonal stories that captivate, entertain and offers unique tools that organizations can implement today to build a culture of wellness seekers.

Organizations small and large can use the tools presented in this keynote/lecture to launch a conversation to marry the latest health care development with daily habit fluctuations to positively affect change and with it, the company’s human wellness bottom line.

Prioritizing Workplace & Employee Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing is at the forefront of all the important milestones for your business – sales, marketing, growth, customer satisfaction, culture, employee retention and more. Thus, improving employee wellbeing will have a positive impact on both your staff’s performance metrics and on your financial goals.

How can companies and organization help unleash the highest potential of their human resource with strategies that prioritize mental, physical health and work-life balance? This lecture can also be developed into a team building program.


General Topics

  • Biohacking

  • Fighting Stress & Anxiety

  • Global Health

  • Health & Wellness

  • Health Care Economics

  • Health Care Policy

  • Health Care Sciences

  • Herbal Practices for Modern Living

  • Increasing Energy and Productivity

  • Leadership

  • Medicinal Mushrooms

  • Modern application of alternative practices

  • Motivational & Inspirational

  • Peak Performance

  • Personal Growth & Achievement

  • Plant-Based Diets

  • Reproductive Health and Libido for Men and Women

  • Restoring Gut Health

  • U.S. Health Care Economics

  • U.S. Health Care Policy

  • Women’s Health

What Audiences are saying
“Jovanka’s presentation not only conveyed easy-to-use information but also motivated the audience to take the actions needed to get results fast.”
– Janet Sussman, Executive Director
EyeCatcher Consulting Group

“My heart is filled with so much gratitude for the experience our BWW community had during your Keynote. Thank you so much. You are incredible, personable,  knowledgeable and authentic in your approach. You’ve got magic.”
– Charity White, Program Director
Black Women for Wellness
“Our group loved Jovanka’s approach to health and wellness. We learned a lot and are scheduling her to come back, to help keep us motivated.”

– Samantha Wilford
Women’s Preventive Health Center

“Thank you so much for your presentation tonight! You are such a generous, knowledgeable, and engaging presenter… it’s clear how passionate and informed you are! Also, I so appreciate the empowerment perspective you take- presenting info for folks to look further into themselves to pursue the health journey that is best for them!”
– Rachel Koonse, Program Director
Cancer Support Community Pasadena

Past Speaking Clients

Jovanka has spoken across the world at some of the largest companies, universities and conferences. She also proudly speaks at non profits and smaller educational organizations.

Jovanka is especially interested in people and companies in the areas of fashion, beauty, travel, family, animals, home, food, drinks, fitness and personal care that share her passion for most (if not all) of the following standards: Vegetarian/Vegan, Fair-Trade, Sugar-Free, Cruelty-Free, Soy-Free, Low Sodium, Organic, Not-Tested-On-Animals, Non-Toxic, Unprocessed, Gluten-Free, Eco-Friendly, Non-GMO.

Thank you!

Official Bio
About Jovanka

Jovanka Ciares is a former entertainment executive turned Wellness expert, detox specialist, nutrition educator and author. She is the creator of the Wellness Smackdown™, a proprietary detox and weight loss program for natural weight loss which was featured on the first season of ABC’s “My Diet Is Better Than Yours”...