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Vegan Butternut Squash Soup Recipe

by / 4 Comments / 238 View / February 24, 2015

I’ve been wanting to do more fun recipe videos for a while so I’m taking the plunge and giving this one a go!
I’m starting with a healthy, home-made soup that you can enjoy in just 20 minutes. Very easy, quick and totally yummy vegan butternut squash soup!
Check out the video here!
YouTube Preview Image
Feel free to leave a comment and let me know how you can improve the recipe or perhaps suggestions for new recipes! Would love to hear from you so let me know!

4 Comment

  1. Looks super delicious.

    • Thanks! It was awesome.

  2. Wow, looked great, did you save me any? Need some more healthy food since we’ve been on vacation for 9 days and I know we didn’t eat properly! Difficult to do when you’re constantly on the run! Although, when we were at DisneyWorld we took a guided tour of the Disney “Behind The Seeds” project and did learn a ton about growing fresh healthy veggies and fruits all while conserving the water we use.

    • Awesome! At least you’re nice and well-rested and of course got to learn something you can use for a long time.

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