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    Are You Concerned About The Spread Of Ebola?

    People are so concerned about Ebola -which is a highly contagious, terrifying and yet rare virus, with the media and our collective voices slowly creeping up to near panic While nobody seems terribly concerned about the chemicals and toxins in our food that are killing your loved ones by the millions. Ebola has killed 1 human in the US as of mid Oct 2014 and heart disease killed 500k in the last 12 months.
  2. Jovanka

    Natural Remedies For Dry Cough

    A constant dry cough still irritates and causes fatigue, which can weaken your immunity, making you susceptible to more problems. See the never ending loop?! Here are my tips and home remedy for getting rid of that nasty dry cough!
  3. Jovanka

    How To Do Oil Pulling

    On this video I want to focus on a single, simple yet powerful detoxifying technique that’s all the rage these days. Oil pulling! A fantastic, simple practice that will keep your teeth looking amazing and your gut from too many toxins. So What the heck is oil pulling?
  4. Jovanka

    Herbs That Help You Detox

    Apart from doing food-based detoxes a couple of times per year, detox herbs taken regularly can help keep toxins at bay. These are some of the herbs I’ve used for years and that are mild tasting and really awesome at reducing toxins in the body and maintaining balance and health.

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