Finally! The end of PMS once as for all!

If you’re a gal (or have one in your life), you know how PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome) can wreck havoc in your life!

But does it have to be this way?

The truth is that the crazy PMS “monster” that some women face every month is not normal and not what nature intended.

So instead of “dealing” with the nasty effects of PMS every month, nip it in the butt with these easy-to-do tips

Which ones of these have you tried before?

Which one has worked best for you?

Which are you most likely to try next?

Let me know by leaving a comment below!

18 thoughts on “Finally! The end of PMS once as for all!”

  1. This is such a great topic. PMS is not normal but people accept it as normal. I have a similar PMS healing story. I found that Chaste Tree berry and Raspberry leaf is very helpful for hormone fluctuation.

    PMS has to do with a liver that is struggling to do it’s job.

  2. I have the same experience as you and Marieliz. When I improved my nutrition (vegan, gluten free, sugar free, organic, 80% alkaline, lots of raw food and tons of superfoods, green smoothies and juicing), my PMS symptoms went away.

  3. hello there, thanks for the video , am not sure if anxiety attacks /nevousness and breathing problems are all part of pms too, i wonder if some other ladies have had this experience as well, if it is then i can tell you its the most horrible feeling, is it also true that as you grow older ur pms gets worse?,one more question pls, does natural calm magnesium help with pms symtoms as well , i have just learned about it and i just started using it but havent noticed any significant changes yet.

    1. I’m not sure if anxiety and nervousness is part of PMS but it could be. I would ask your doctor, just to rule other problems out. Magnesium and a clean, toxin and hormone-free diet will definitely help but it will take a little time. In my case, it took about 4 months. Just stick to it for a few more months. It will be worth the wait!

      1. thanks for your reply jovanka, i ll try, but am not sure what you meant by homone free, i ve just decided to go on a better diet of beans salad and fish, are fishes considered homone free?

        1. Sorry, I meant cage-free chicken, grass-fed, free-range beef, non-genetically modified or processed foods. Animal protein causes acidity, which leads to inflammation, which will make the symptoms of PMS a bit worse so I would reduce your consumption of it. Maybe have it only once per day and stay away from it for a week before your period. That definitely worked for me when I first started managing my PMS symptoms. Hope this helps!

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