6 Ideas To Positively Control Your Mind (Not The Other Way Around)

Buddha once said: “What you Think, You Become”.

Thousands of years later, author Robert Collier said: “All power is from within and is therefore under our own control”.

There have been hundreds of great thinkers from Buddah our modern-day mentors telling us, in one way or another that our minds are incredibly powerful and that we have the power to direct our thoughts and emotions to help us attain happiness, peace and spirituality.

But how many of us truly follow these principles? How many of us honestly can say that we have control over our minds, not the other way around.

I certainly have been an object of my own negative thoughts and emotions and have let my mind control me and steer me into a place that only leads to frustration, confusion and negativity. Intellectually, I know that I can control my mind and that this control is the key to manifesting great things in my life. Yet, sometimes it seems harder than others.

The key then is in finding ideas that will help you take control and maintain it. If you can take control of what you believe to be true, you can create a present that fits your life, values, and desires and can ultimately shape your future.

If you feel that because you tried to and failed in the past, it is not possible to succeed, then you must work on learning how to change your belief system so that it works for you instead of against you.

These general rules will help you change your belief system into one that works best for you:


  1. Do not let fear and pain from past experiences guide what you will and will not do. Up to now, you have lived in fear of getting disappointed over and over. Fear breeds nothing but more fear and disappointment. Staying in a fearful state is not advisable at all. Why not keep on trying? When you are trying, there is always hope that this time your venture may work. This mentality fills you with positive, empowering energy to help you keep moving forward.


  1. Stay away from pessimists. Do not worry about the details. Just keep working towards your goals. Optimists create discipline and persistence that allow them to always see the “glass half full”. Optimists are constantly on the move and constantly learning how to get better at what they do. When you are optimistic, you develop confidence that helps you maintain a positive outlook on life.


  1. Remind yourself that change is good and stagnation is bad. When you are not moving or evolving, when you realize that what is creating pain and suffering, you will get up, move, and make a drastic change for good. Realize that a particular belief is causing you more harm than good, and then find a new, positive belief to replace the old one with.


  1. Question every belief you may have. As I have mentioned before, don’t take beliefs from your culture, parents, or society for granted. Educate yourself and find out what, why, and how a belief came to be. You will realize that your perception of the “truth” is sometimes coerced by biased aspects of your particular surroundings. 


  1. Take all appropriate actions to help you move to a more positive, empowering belief system by practicing new behaviors over and over until they become part of your daily routine.


  1. Support your new beliefs with references that allow you to learn more about what a belief means. What are the consequences of moving towards or away from these beliefs? Go over the emotional aspects of such a change.


Remember that the key to making a lasting commitment to change obsolete and limiting beliefs is communication and education. The more you know about what you think is right (or wrong); the easier it will be to adopt and maintain long-lasting changes.

Ask yourself why you believe in something or where the idea originated? More importantly, find out how a particular belief system is helping you (or holding you back) in life.

The answers may surprise you, and may lead you to a more enlightened path where you have all the positive energies and support you need to lead a more successful life.

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