How To Conquer Fear

Today I want to be brave and discuss how to conquer fear.

I should know a thing or two about it.

For over 15 years I’ve been a passionate advocate to personal responsibility, healthy living, animal welfare and the power of positive thinking. Yet fear stopped me over and over form following my true passion and sending my message out into the world.

Fear is the one thing that impairs our ability to move ahead in life. Fears are natural occurrences, emotions that we probably inherited from the first men that walked the earth.

In fact, anthropologists believe that our ancestors survived because they learned to be afraid of certain dangers in the world and learned to avoid them for protection, thus, assuring their survival.

Fears are nothing but emotions that we feel in anticipation of danger or specific pain.

They are not uncommon. Most of us have been conditioned to protect ourselves from circumstances and dangers that we have not even experienced. We learn to be afraid of starting something new, making the first move, being creative or entrepreneurial, yet at one point or another, most of us realize that only when you face your fears and conquer them can you really move forward.

There are too many great things to do in this life to stay in one place for all eternity.

The strength to move past your fear is already within you. Continue to learn about yourself, and look for strategies that will help you conquer your fears.

Some of the ones that have helped me through the years are:

  1.  Maintain a positive attitude. Negativity about how you will not succeed or will fall so hard you’ll break your neck, are useless.
  1. Use the “have to” mentality. Assume that you have no other option than to make the leap, and jump into a new experience. You know that are stronger than that, and no amount of reasons are enough for you to give up without trying.
  1. Focus on the end result rather than the process.
  1. Take one step at a time. If your fear is greater than you, you may not be able to face it all at once. Take baby steps, and try conquering little by little.
  1. Be aware that your ego is powerful and will want to take control. Do not let small things get out of proportion. Always maintain perspective and be objective. If you cannot do it yourself, ask for help.
  1. Replace all fears with confident thoughts and actions.

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