Make Positivism the Best Motivator For Change

It is part of our human nature to get a boost of energy, led by adrenaline, when we get angry. When you see or experience something that angers you, chances are you use it as a motivator to change, to make sure it never happens again.

Angers leads to desire, to hope and action. But what about positivism? What about the radical idea of using a positive attitude to inspire hope, change and action. Hope to understand that it is possible.

Change to ensure that good trumps evil every time. Action to progress towards enlightenment every day.

But how? How do we turn away from a using negative energy as a powerful motivator to positivism as a tool for positive change?

The first course of action is remembering the power of your own mind. Your mind is capable of magnificent things. There are lots of talents in you waiting to be developed and used for your own good and the good of all.

When your life in this light, it becomes easier to be motivated to change in a more peaceful, joyful way.

Your thoughts are powerful tools that, when used positively, can help you create realities you never thought possible. Following are some techniques to help use the power of a positive mind to affect change in the world:

  1. Don’t give anger and negative thinking any power. Thoughts and ideas only become powerful when you, the thinker, empower them. If you have an angry thought and decide to ignore it, it will become easier to move ahead without being affected by the negative thinking.
  1. Use positive thinking to counter negativity. If someone tells you that you will never be financially independent, you should automatically tell yourself, “I am going to be financially independent faster than originally planned”. Your initial reaction may be anger and frustration but using positive language will help you change how you feel about this experience without losing motivation.  The same works for other aspects of your life. When thoughts about relationships come to your mind, for example, and you start thinking that you will never fall in love again, you counter-act by saying, “I will meet a special person and will enjoy a loving, meaningful, long-lasting relationship soon.” By doing so, you will take the power away from your negative thoughts, and give it to a positive one.
  1. Be aware of your thoughts and try recognizing them as negative or positive. Continue to nurture the positive thoughts, and write down on a piece of paper as many of the negative ones as you can remember. Then read through the list, and analyze them, recognizing that they are simply negative ideas. Think of them as pieces of your mind that you just removed and placed on the paper, ready to be disposed of. Once on the paper and out of your head, they can remain there forever. Quietly acknowledge this and part ways with your negative thoughts.

Your thoughts are some of the few things in the world that are 100% under your control.

Nothing else truly is. And very few things are as powerful as those very thoughts. Use them and allow them to empower you, and you will soon be a catalyst for amazing positive change in the world.

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