Breakfast Smoothies In 5 Minutes Or Less

I get people telling me all the time that they want to juice and blend but that they have no time. That the prep time is too long, or the clean up is a pain.

BULL CRAP! I’ve been juicing almost every day for 10+ years and blending for the last 5 or 6 and if I learned one thing during this process is that WHERE THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY!

We live in a society of convenience and if things don’t have in 5 minutes or less, we give up. Well, I’m not here to fight that current. Instead, I’m going to show you in the video below how to make smoothies in 5 minutes or less (yes, including clean up)!

Wasn’t that painless?! Now you know and you have no excuses.

So go on, prep your smoothie ingredients, SHARE this video and get blending!

2 thoughts on “Breakfast Smoothies In 5 Minutes Or Less”

  1. Love this video!! I have a smoothie every morning for breakfast! But, I have to be honest and say that my boyfriend makes them every day for the both of us!!

    We’ve experimented with different vegetables and fruits, but haven’t really done any of the add-ons that you threw in! I’m going to have to look out for extras to put in the smoothie, especially the almonds and coconut water!!

  2. I have been drinking basic protein drinks for years (protein powder, banana and almond milk) but because my old drink mixer wasn’t very strong, I never added in very much else.

    For Christmas, I received a NutriBullet and love it! I’m very happy that I ran across your video as it was great seeing how you make your drinks. So far, I’ve been using spinach, carrots and different fruits. I feel that the fresh fruits and vegetables makes my breakfast drink feel so much healthier. Next time I go shopping, I’m going to get some of the ingredients that you used.

    As you stated in the video, making the smoothies are very quick and easy to do.

    Thank you for the video!

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