How To Make A Detox Bath

Detox is a process your body does naturally without you even knowing it.  However, the capacity of your body’s detoxification process is not endless. AND, your body may not be equipped to handle the barrage of toxicity is it exposed to.

But do not despair. There is a fun, cheap, easy-to-do activity that can help out as it will encourage the body to efficiently flush out toxins. A BATH!

A detox bath is one of the easiest healing therapies that can be done to facilitate and enhance our body’s natural detoxification process.

There are a few types of detox baths that you can do, all of whom are extremely easy to do, inexpensive, requiring only a couple of ingredients. Check out 2 of my favorite ones here!

Do you have other detox bath ideas? What are some of the stuff that you use on your bath that you know help in the detox process? Let me know by sharing below!

3 thoughts on “How To Make A Detox Bath”

  1. Hello Jovanka!
    You look amasing!
    I loved the idea about bath detox. But I do not have bath. And I guess foot bath will be not enough.

  2. Would either of these bathing detoxes be bad for someone who is on high blood pressure and seizure medications? I’m not worried so much about the over the counter medications but, these prescriptions drugs are very important.

    1. Sue, they should be okay but you should definitely ask your doctor as he/she would know what the counter indications for the medication would be. Hope this helps!

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