Food Combining Diet, Tummy Tuck Series, Part 3

We have talked about the food combining principles here a few times before. I’ve been following these principles in one form or another for years and I credit them for helping me manage my worst digestive symptoms, like bloating, painful gas, indigestion and constipation.

The concept can be a bit complex if it’s your first time but not to worry! I’ve created this video to help you get the basic principles of Food Combining down and help you use them in your daily routine.

So go to the video to check them out right now!

Fun right?! If you were to pick just one of these principles to start using now, which one would it be? Why? Let me know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Food Combining Diet, Tummy Tuck Series, Part 3”

    1. Nuts are a bit complex because they have high concentrations of protein, cards and fats but as a general rule, yes, you can combine nuts in small amounts (and preferably soaked overnight or roasted) with mild starches like carrots. Quinoa is a seed with high protein content and millet is a grain so they can be easily combined as they are both easy to digest. Hope this helps!

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