How To Do Oil Pulling

Welcome to video #4 of the detox diaries. On this video I want to focus on a single, simple yet powerful detoxifying technique that’s all the rage these days.

Oil pulling!

A fantastic, simple practice that will keep your teeth looking amazing and your gut from too many toxins. So What the heck is Oil Pulling?

It is an ancient detoxification art that started in India as oil gargling thousands of years ago.

Go to the video below to learn more and how to do it!

OK, be honest! Will you try it? Pretty-please! Just once, you will LOVE It!

Give it a go and let me know what you think in the comments below!

13 thoughts on “How To Do Oil Pulling”

      1. I love oil pulling and just found a crazy new organic coconut oil to do it with- I think it’s going to make an appearance in my boxes soon- thank you for your post, nice work!

  1. I tried this, but it loosened my fillings. Is that ok? They must be a toxin, but I thought if they fell out it would not be good, so I stopped. I really want to do this again, any suggestions?

    1. I would check with a Holistic dentist, who may be more familiar with the practice and its effects on fillings. I have fillings and mine haven’t loosen up so you may want to check with a doctor to be on the safe side.

  2. Another great detox tip Jovanka, thanks! I’ve been oil pulling for about 9 months and I LOVE IT! When I first started, it was a struggle to keep it in my mouth for even 5 minutes (just an odd sensation/texture). However, with each passing day, it got easier and easier and now there are some mornings when I pull for nearly 30 minutes! I find the longer I keep it going, the better I feel. I actually feel wide awake and refreshed at the end of the process and I haven’t even had any caffeine yet.

    My procedure is slightly different from yours. I pull first thing in the morning BEFORE I brush and tongue scrape. I use one tablespoon of organic coconut oil, which I melt in microwave for 30 sec during the colder months to liquefy. I find the warmer the oil, the better it feels. Plus it makes it easier for me to deal with that oil sensation in my mouth. Then exactly as you mentioned, I swish it around for 20 minutes minimum, making sure not to swallow and finally spitting it in the trash. I rinse my mouth 3-4 times with water (spitting in the sink), then drink another 8 oz of water to hydrate.

    I cannot stress enough just how wonderful I feel at the end of the process! I wasn’t expecting that when I first started, but now I am completely addicted and get a little cranky when I travel or run out of oil. 🙂

    1. I agree! I feel fresh and full of energy after oil pulling. Not sure if it has anything to do with it, but I do feel wide awake and energized!

      One note: I would not microwave oil as it may change it chemical composition. I would put it in a coffee mug, heat some water in a small pot and put the mug in until the oil is warm. This is what I do when I use coconut oil on my skin and it’s amazing!

  3. Jovanka, I’ve heard of oil pulling and I’ve read a few things about it. For some reason, I’ve sort of put the idea aside as one “to do later.” Great tip about not spitting it out in the sink.

  4. I LOVE oil pulling! I started in the end of last year, but I’ve stopped in the last month after moving and taking a new job, which gave me less time to do my “morning routine”. I’ve always done it with coconut oil, which I love! Your routine is a bit different from mine, as I always brushed after, not before. I always did my warm water with lemon before as well (as you do) but I’ve heard from some sources that we supposed to oil pull first thing in the morning before anything else.

    Not sure if it really matters that much cause there seems to be differing opinions… either way, I definitely did notice my teeth got whiter! They’ve felt cleaner as well in a way that I could simply not ever get from brushing or flossing. 🙂

    Anyway, great article and explanation. 🙂

    1. You’re absolutely right, opinions vary greatly on what time of the year. After much consideration, I picked this way since it works for me better and I love it. Thanks for the comment!

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