Ways To Keep Warm In The Cold Months

Are you cold ALL THE TIME! Are your hands and feet always cold, even when is not THAT cold?

I’m a tropical girl and the winter time is not my favorite time of the year. I do a variety of things and eat a variety of foods can help the body stay warm during these winter months. Here are some of the grains, spices and oils that give the body energy to keep warm:

Do you have any other food ideas to stay warm in the cold months? Leave a comment below and let’s start a conversation.

2 thoughts on “Ways To Keep Warm In The Cold Months”

  1. I’m a runner, and run about 30 miles a week but If I don’t take b vitamins I often feel tired…. any thoughts???

    1. I had a similar thing happened to me this past fall. My Ayurvedic practitioner told me it was a B-vitamin deficiency and gave me dark red veggies and fruit (pomegranates, red grapes, beets) and bee pollen to take almost every day. It totally helped!

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