What Is SHILAJIT And How It Can Help You!

I had abdominal surgery a few months ago to remove benign (but pesky) tumors in my uterus (also known as fibroids). I’ve been using a few alternative treatments to help me recover faster and more effectively. Taking Shilajit was one of the main things I used to manage pain and reduce the inflammation associated with major surgery.

Check out the video to learn what is Shilajit and how it helped me recover in just 3 weeks!

Now tell me, have you tried Shilajit? Are you willing to try it? What was your experience? Let me know in the comments below the video!

4 thoughts on “What Is SHILAJIT And How It Can Help You!”

  1. Hi Sarah,I am so glad that you are home and all went well. Hopefully the seed you planted will get weatred somewhere else along her journey. and who knows whose hands that track might end up in. We can always pray. God can still move mountains and break up fallow ground. How soon will you be moving to Japan now that your surgery is done?Because of Jesus, Bobbie

  2. I have fibroids on the outer wall of uterus and had gone through uterine embolization .which has reduced my endometrium lining.will shilajit help in healing endometrium wall and getting me pregnant??

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