This is the WORST protein powder EVER! – WHEY

Do you know where Whey comes from? It’s a byproduct of milk that is produced during the cheese making process. By definition, it is the waste of the cheese processing industry. It is a very popular supplement that many doctors consider toxic! So what is it and why is it bad for you?!

Check out the video below to learn more about this potentially dangerous substance!

Did you know it can cause serious problems? Let me know by leaving a comment or question below.

3 thoughts on “This is the WORST protein powder EVER! – WHEY”

  1. I founded a cancer nonprofit, online in June 1999 – Annie Appleseed Project. One of the earliest pages we posted was on whey – from organic farms. There is evidence of benefit for those with cancer. And for athletes ONLY IF ORGANICALLY PRODUCED.

    In general I agree that anything from a conventional farm will be contaminated in multiple ways – hormones, GMOs and more.

    Ann Fonfa,

  2. Jovanka, I had no idea that whey, is ‘whey bad for you.’ At least if not organic as Ana comments above. I use organic hemp protein in my smoothies. Your message is so important because the juicing and smoothie phenomenon may cause people to unknowingly do their body more harm than good. Too much fruit in their juice or smoothie, or using whey as a protein source. Before your video I had no idea of the potential toxic affects of whey. Thanks!

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