Natural Products Expo 2015 Highlights

Last weekend I traveled to the Anaheim convention center to check out one of the largest natural foods expos in the word, Natural Products Expo West (sometimes referred to simply as expo west).

I wanted to check out the new trends in healthy options, plant-based foods, supplements and clean, conscious living. There were tens of thousands of products featured there so creating a highlight video of my experience was a bit of a challenge. So I tried to feature here the brands I loved the most based on their vision, mission and commitment to a healthier world.

Check out the video below!

Which brand or product are you most curious about? Is there any one in particular you’d like me to do a review on? What about a giveaway? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

4 thoughts on “Natural Products Expo 2015 Highlights”

  1. Hi Jovanka

    I would appreciate some feedback on whole food and healthy snacks! Your input is really rejuvenating!!


  2. Wow! I had no idea this expo existed. Thanks for sharing. I am a huge believer in Turmeric and take it as a supplement and cook with it too. I agree with Labeqa, I am always looking for whole food healthy snacks, which may mean making at home, not packaged as I have discovered that sometimes we think packaged, organic an bought at the specialty organic food markets may just be processed food that may not be so healthy.

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