The Power Of Words

Do you words have power? Is there some truth to the claim some people make about the power of words? Most people have strong opinions about this and I was one of them.

But after watching a documentary about water, where a scientist (dr. Masaru Emoto) that explains how your words and even your thoughts (positive or negative) can affect molecules of water. I was curious, even fascinated. Then, a few months ago, I saw a Facebook post from Danielle Laporte about an experiment she did with her son. So I set out to recreate the exact same experiment on video and see for myself.

Here’s what my experiment looked like: I cut out 1 apple in half, sealed each half in an identical Mason jar and stored them in the exact window sill for approx. 21 days.

Every day for a month I said negative and demeaning words to what I called the “bad apple”. Things like “you’re nasty, fat and ugly. You’re stupid and incapable. You can’t do anything right. Why do you even try! You suck and I hate you”.

The other half, the “good apple” heard beautiful words of encouragement. I told her things like: “you are so smart, amazing, sweet and gentle. You are amazing and I am in awe of you, you are the best, I love you”.

The first 7-10 days not much was happening… but then things started to change.

Check out the video above to learn the results.

17 thoughts on “The Power Of Words”

  1. Wow, what an experiment. thanks for this video. I am going to try it for my community. I will start saying good things to me . And start saying I am fat , i have big hips. Thanks


  2. Chica, it’s a fact!
    I watch “What the Bleep do we know” regularly, to remind myself of this unseen reality.
    Also, about the experiment, the label “good” and “bad” may have influenced the result.
    It would be interesting to see what happens if you have:
    – good apple in the good labelled jar
    – bad apple in the good labelled jar
    An apple cut in 4 would do 😉
    Love it and I’ll share,

  3. Good afternoon Jovanka. I just watched your video with the two apple halves, it was truly amazing. You have made me a believer too!

  4. Truly amazing!! I’ve heard about similar experiments but never done by any real person who I am friends with. I do talk to my kombucha before it starts brewing, and tell it loving things. haha!
    You doing this and making this video makes it so much more real to me. This has been the best reminder of the power of words.
    Is it crazy for me to feel bad for the bad apple?

    1. Oh, yeah, I struggled with the mean words but I told myself that they were being dump in the jar and away from my soul. But it wasn’t easy, lol.

  5. i would Love to know what would happen if you started saying nice things to the bad apple… this was super interesting thanks For sharing.

  6. Hey, I was privilaged enough to meet the late Dr Emoto several years ago, around the time the What the Bleep movie was out. Great to see you do this experiment for yourself. An amazing result. As people, all our communication to others and to ourselves more importantly, is an exchange. There is power in words indeed and being more mindful of the choice of words we use does impact the results we create!

  7. Great video. Our girl scout troop watched this and will be trying this experiment also. We did have a question though. Did you unseal the jars every time you spoke to the apples, or just speak the words to them closely?

    1. OMG so awesome to hear. I was a girl scout for years in Puerto Rico! No, the jars were unsealed the entire time, just grabbed them and whispered directly at them a few phrases, then put them back on their window sill. Hope this works. Keep me posted! Sending you all much love and light!

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