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What is the best natural sugar substitute in the market? I’m always looking for healthy alternatives, researching and trying new ingredients to share with you here. Sugar, who we now know it to be pretty dangerous and bad for our health is also one of the most consumed substances on earth. Sugar is everywhere and we are all a little addicted to sugar. And unfortunately, it is making us really sick and unhappy in the process.

So, while I strongly recommend you to limit your sugar intake to whole, fresh fruit in the morning, what about those instances when you absolutely, positively MUST has a little sugar? Or perhaps you need an alternative for a recipe?

Check out the video below to learn what it is and why it’s so awesome!

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This new sugar option who is a great natural sugar substitute is also one of the best sugars for diabetic people. Diabetic patients can use this sugar for many reasons. But first, let me show you what it is!

Lakanto is a zero calorie and zero GI alternative sweetener that can be used as an equal replacement to sugar in recipes. Lakanto is made from fermented erythritol, which is the sugar alcohol found in grapes, pears & mushrooms, to name a few. It is also extracted from his Asian fruit called the luo han guo fruit.

Lakanto as I mentioned is excellent for diabetics, people with candida or anyone looking for a healthier option to sugar because of it’s zero GI, so it doesn’t raise your sugar levels.

I bought this one on Amazon but you can get it in most health food stores in many parts of the world.

12 thoughts on “Best Natural Sugar Substitute”

  1. Thanks for this, have not heard of it before! I went sugarfree for 30days, not even fruit.. (Well, I had a date a day). Honestly it felt good, I’m not a big sweet tooth fan so I like I can have something sweet but don’t crave it. Nice to know about the healthier alternative, thanks!

  2. Wow, how interesting a food I’ve never heard of. I actually avoid sweetened foods most of the time: even if natural they still cause me to crave more. After cutting out sugars and sweeteners my palette changed and now simple foods like sweet potatoes and carrots are so sweet and yummy. Completely changed my food experience for the better. That being said, I allow myself a treat occasionally and I may have to try this in my baking.

  3. I have never heard of Lakanto, and so glad to find out about this sugar alternative. I try to stay away from sugar, but I admit I like something sweet now and then. Finding out about this alternative is fantastic. I will definitely try it and share with others. Love your video, so helpful!

  4. Hi Jovanka,
    Thanks for this informative article. But I wanted to know what are your thoughts about using Stevia. I use it once a day in tea prepared with Almond milk. Do you see any problems in consuming Stevia?

    1. It’s actually not bad. It’s plant-based and does not affect glucose response like other sweeteners so you’re better off with it. But like all sweeteners, should be used sparingly. Hope this helps!

  5. Never heard of Lakanto, but I use Swerve, which I believe is also erythritol based. Are they similar? Thanks for this post! I’m all about limiting your sugar intake!

    1. They’re both sugar alcohol with almost no calories, just made from different sources. I like the taste of Lakanto a bit better but that’s a matter or personal preference. Hope this helps!

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