Best Way To Flavor Water

So we need water to survive and we are also always told to have supplement this and drink herb that for better health. So I’ve found a really awesome way to combine the 2!

My herbal professor used to say never drink water alone, add herbs to get all the benefits and healing properties of the herbs. Perfect way to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Here are the favorite things I add to my water every day.



It’s warming to the body and delicious in flavor and also awesome for you too. It is loaded with minerals, including manganese and calcium, and contains essential oils with potent anti-inflammatory properties.

Apple cider vinegar

Great at regulating the body’s acidity (pH) levels, easing digestive discomfort, relieving heartburn, helping to prevent seasonal illness, and reducing inflammation.


Fennel is sweet and aromatic and can help those who need to have something sweet or are used to sweet drinks with meals. Fennel is known to have antioxidant, digestive, carminative, and anti-flatulent properties. So great to take after a heavy meal and when you feel gassy.

Black Salt

Not the crappy table salt but a pinch of the unprocessed, amazing salt that have lots of trace minerals that a lot of us are deficient in.

Mint Leaves

Everybody loves mint. And we are perfectly familiar with it. But did you know that as a palate cleanser, mint can help you better digest your food? It also soothes stomachs and help reduce inflammation


This is really high in antioxidants so it can help protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals, which often results in impaired immunity, and chronic disease. People in the Caribbean use it to shorten the length of a cold and heal laryngitis.

2 thoughts on “Best Way To Flavor Water”

  1. Hey Jovanka! I’m an infused-water junkie and now it just feels wrong when I’m drinking it plain. My fave by far is lemon and mint and sometimes cucumber. I also drink sole (salt and water) in the morning and sometimes early afternoon. I’ve never heard of black salt before – is that like Himalayan salt? Love these ideas, I’ll have to try the cinnamon and sage – I would never have thought!

    1. Lol! So glad you love and embrace some of these tips!The Himalayan salt is pink, the black salt has some pink traces and some tiny black particles or it may be purpleish or dark pink in color. It is very commonly used in South East Asia and vegans use it a lot because it has an eggy and cheesy taste so you can add it to tofu or other veggies to create “vegan egg” or “Cheesy” dishes. Hope this helps!

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