Simple Hummus Recipe + Vegan

Last week I showed you an amazing vegan mushroom risotto recipe! If you missed that video, check it out here!

This week, I’m doing a collaboration with chef Jenne Claiborne and she is going to show you how to make the yummiest, quickest, prettiest, easiest beet hummus there is!

Go to the video and recipe below!

Enjoy the yumminess!

Interested in the videos? Check them out here:

Jenne cookbook

Jovanka’s Cookbook:

4 thoughts on “Simple Hummus Recipe + Vegan”

    1. Of course! I’ve done hummus with all kinds of different veggies. Just add whatever you love. I’ve tried asparagus, cabbage, even a bit of orange juice if you need a little sweetness. Hope this helps!

  1. Can I have you two amazing healthy cooks come over to my house and stay for a week to make a healthy cooking wiz out of me! Yummy…I have to go make this…it looks really simple and really deliciously healthy.

    Question: I don’t have a food processor, can I do this in my Blendtec blender?

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