My Diet Is Better Than Yours + Elimination Recap

Thank you so much for tuning in to ABC’s MY DIET IS BETTER THAN YOURS.  It was an incredible experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

As you probably now know, I was ousted by my contestant at the end of Episode 2 (Whaaaa)… That means, no more #vegan diets on prime time (for now)…

Here’s a video with a recap of what happened

Here’s the thing: The cookie was not the problem. Neither was the diet. Weight loss is a byproduct of a healthy lifestyle. It is impossible to judge the effectiveness of a particular diet based on how many pounds somebody loses in a single week. I did wish I could stay longer and show the world the amazing goodness of a compassionate lifestyle.

I have no doubt that a plant-based diet works. There is no better proof than what I see in the mirror every morning. After all, this lifestyle is what keeps me looking and feeling amazing well into my 40’s.

Give a plant-based diet a go, it changed my life; it can change your life too!  And DON’T FEAR THE COOKIE!

Enjoy the show this week and let’s root for Taj to reach her goal!

So what’s your take on what happened? Share by leaving a comment below! Thanks.


15 thoughts on “My Diet Is Better Than Yours + Elimination Recap”

  1. I think Taj just didn’t understand that you were trying to show her how to incorporate treats in a balanced way into her diet plan. That its ok to have anything you want in moderation. too bad, I LOVED seeing you on the show! So happy to see a plant based diet highlighted on tv. Wish we had a lot more of that. You are fabulous ?

  2. Jovanka- You can come to my home and put me on your plant based diet! I would love to have with me getting healthy and rocking a new body!

  3. Dear Jovanka – dairy is my “drug food” and makes more crave it and
    overeat it all the time. Then, causes sever pain, inflammation and
    cravings. What are your thoughts. I constantly crave cheese.

    1. Yeah, that’s hard for a lot of us. Cheese is mostly fat and sodium so reducing your salt and saturated fat intake from other foods will eventually reduce your craving for fatty foods like cheese. Also, staying hydrated will help you control the cravings. You can also try some of the amazing vegan cheese versions to try to reduce your intake of dairy and are made with healthy fats from nuts and seeds. Hope this helps!

  4. Hola Jovanka,

    I just started watching the show and was looking forward to learning about your plant based diet and was soooo disappointed to see you go! However, I am going to start following you on Facebook and read your books because I know this is the diet for me! I have started to develop serious health issues ( I need to loose 60 pounds!) and for ethical reasons as well I want to adopt a plant based diet.
    I loved your style and energy and from reading your Bio I see that you have learned from the best so its on Boricua sister, Taj’s loss is my gain, glad I found you and wish me luck!
    Love & Light,


    1. Hola Carmen! So awesome to see a fellow Boricua here! Thanks for the kind words and support. Yes, it is such an amazing diet, I learn something amazing about plants every single day. Here’s to your health!

  5. Hi! I was also a fan of your work on the tv show and sad to see you go. I do have about 60lbs to lose. How do I start the week juice cleanse that the contestant Taj was on? Is it in your 3 week cleanse book? Thanks! If it is, I want to buy it asap!

    1. Thanks for the best wishes and kind words. Yes, you can do the cleanse that I teach on the book or on the free report that you’ll get when you sign up for my community (there’s a form on the home page). Hope this helps!

  6. Jovanka, Hated to see you go. But I knew your plan wasn’t for Taj. Taj thought stepping out of her comfort zone was the answer. But I think it’s about finding the plan that best suits your lifestyle. I hated to hear you say you failed when you left. You didn’t. You represented your plan in a great way. Continued success to you.

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