How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Suffering from dark circles under your eyes? You’re not alone. Millions of men and women suffer from them on a daily basis. The reasons are as numerous as there are people in the world. But what’s common for all of us is that dark circles under your eyes do not allow you to have a young, fresh-looking face.

Yes, resting little and maintaining a life with no stress are factors that can reduce the appearance of dark circles.

However, you should evaluate other aspects, such as genetics and age; since, with the passage of time, the elasticity of the skin is lost and becomes thinner.

Here are my top three go-to herbal blends for dark circles under your eyes! And see the blends listed below the video!

Remedy for dark circles #1: If you are very dark circles, use sweet almond oil, which moisturizes and reduces dark spots and stains in your skin. Apply it in a circular way in your eyes.

Remedy for dark circles #2: Perform twice a day massages with aloe vera gel, with upward movements, without pressing the skin too hard.

Remedy for dark circles #3: Immerse cotton ball in freshly brewed coffee, put them in the freezer overnight (or until they freeze. Place them over your eyes and let them sit there for 5-7 minutes. Remove them and wash the area with clear warm water.

1 thought on “How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes”

  1. Jovanka, my dark circles are due to allergies mainly and some stress as I mentioned to you. I did take you advice and suggest the tincture – Albizia Calm from Planetary Herbals to my hubby Dave. We did get some and I have tried it a couple of times already. I has a major calming effect on me quite quickly after I take it. I did to half droppers full this morning. Thanks for you amazing chat adn advice.

    Love, Stacey Hall

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