Fever Reducing Tea Blend

When trying to bring a fever down, herbal remedies can help cool the body down. The herbs can stimulate the circulatory system, help your body sweat, pushing pathogens out of your body through sweat and cooling you down in the process.

Here’s a simple blend using 4 herbs. Three of these herbs are very easy to find in markets across the country. The 4th one, yarrow, may be a bit harder to find (but never impossible).

Check out the video and the recipe and “how to” below.

2 tsp ginger root, grated

2 tsp dry basil

1 tsp of peppermint

1 tsp of dry yarrow leaves

*If you can’t find yarrow, take elder flower or dry catnip


  • In 2 cups of hot water (not boiling), add all herbs and steep for 30-45 mins
  • Strain and drink small amounts of about ¼ cup of this infusion every 30 mins
  • Must be used within a 24 hour period

4 thoughts on “Fever Reducing Tea Blend”

  1. I have tea with cat nip but was hesitant to drink due to the cat nip. This is the same cat nip you give a cat. ?? Also good for people to drink ? I was hesitant not knowing how good cap nip was for us to consume & are there any stomach side effects ?

    1. Yes, catnip is perfectly safe for humans. I wouldn’t use the same that you’d get for your cats, but rather the herb in tea form for human consumption. It’s great for digestive distress, mild nervousness and to promote relaxation.

  2. Hi Jovanka, thanks for the information. Have you ever considered using essential oils instead? They are 50-70 times more potent than herbs and they will last longer than herbs. I’d love to discuss the topic with you and would love to send you a sample of my oils. Have an awesome day! You can email me if you are interested.

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