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best foods for a workout

6 Foods To Eat Before/After A Workout

by / 6 Comments / 151 View / October 30, 2012

Regular exercise is an essential part of healthy living.

It helps your body stay strong and flexible, helps your blood sugar stay balanced and your blood pumping.

It is important also to give your body the right fuel it needs for energy endurance and repair before, during and after your workout.

So, what are the best foods to get the best out of your workout?

These foods will help you reach your workout goals faster and get that sexy body in shape quicker.



Which ones of these foods do you already consume regularly?

Which one was a surprise for you?

Let me know! Leave a comment below.


6 Comment

  1. Thanks so much for the informative video Jovanka….I found the video very helpful to start and end my workouts..I can’t wait to try the suggestions you pointed out..

    kind regards,

    • Cool, thank you Susie!

  2. The chia seeds are a new suggestion. I’ll have to locate and try them.

    I learned about the regenerating energy boost of coconut water while in Barbados a few years ago. I’d walk for much of the day visiting farms. Coconuts were plentiful, and a friend suggested that we split open to share. The immediate boost of refreshment convinced me immediately. There’s nothing like fresh coconut water. Afterwards, I learned to get a coconut or a bottle of coconut water every time I went out.

    • Yes!! I’m from Puerto Rico and we grew up drinking coconut water to add dehydration, constipation and keep kids energized. It’s wonderful. Thanks!

  3. Jovanka, chia seeds and coconut water… so new to me!
    I feel like I’m coming from another planet – but I’ll keep an eye out for them and try 😉
    Thank you so much for this,

    • Thanks Llyane. It’s a lot to keep up with, but that’s why I create these videos with a few easy tips at a time. It is my pleasure. Thank you!

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