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Pain Vs. Suffering

Suffering is not a measurement of the amount of love you have for others or our level of commitment. Disappointments, frustration, hurt feelings, or egos, even abandonment or death, should not be construed reasons for suffering. You may feel pain when experiencing any of these things, yet if you allow the pain to linger in your mind indefinitely, you are creating unnecessary suffering for you and others. Your response to that pain causes the suffering, not the pain itself.

tips to a slimmer waist jovanka blog

Lucky Number: 13 Tips to a Slimmer You

Your body is a complex machine that functions with fuel. Different parts of your body need different types of food in order to work properly and effectively for a long period of time. Your goal should be to live a long, healthy, and happy life but you cannot accomplish that without the right nutrition and body care.

buidilng self esteem

Building Self Esteem

Self confidence and self esteem come from a good sense of who you are. This is why body image is directly related to self esteem. The less you know yourself, the easier it will be to cave in to negative ideas about your body. The more negative your perception of your own body is, the more negative you will feel about yourself. At one point or another, take a journey to learn about yourself.

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Bill Clinton Embraces Vegetarianism

Today’s blog post is about Bill Clinton!

No, no, it’s not at all what you’re thinking. Nothing about politics, the State of the union or that other thing he was famous for.

This is all about his experience with a new diet and lifestyle that has helped him deal with his heart disease and even lose a few extra pounds.

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