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natural remedy for bloating

Natural Remedy For Bloating

by / 4 Comments / 229 View / December 23, 2014

So you had a great big ass meal and now you’re bloated and gassy. What to do? Here’s a real simple concoction tea that will kill that bloat in just a few minutes.

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4 Comment

  1. Sounds interesting. What is it about those ingredients that help with bloating? I’m surprised about the black pepper. How is that when you drink it? I imagine myself choking a little :).

    • Those ingredients are considered carminative: the prevent the production of gas in your intestine and facilitate the expulsion of whatever gas is already trapped. The tea has a little kick to it but it’s not bad at all. You can use more water to make the tea taste a little milder or sweeten it with coconut syrup.

  2. I know Ginger’s good for digestion, but would chai work just as well?

    • Chai could heal digestion and reduce cravings as it includes cinnamon, cloves and ginger among others!

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