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Rebel Against Cruelty

by / 8 Comments / 88 View / November 13, 2012

I wonder if we have all lost our “common sense” gene.

That little gene that tells us, no matter how old we are, that it is not okay to harass, hurt or torment others.

But how do you nurture that common sense “gene” and let it make you stronger so that you can you rebel against anything cruel, limiting or unfair?

How do you become a beacon of change for everyone around you?

Check out the video to learn more!

How do you Rebel Against Cruelty?

What was your last act of kindness?

Share your stories below!


8 Comment

  1. Love this message, and frankly I needed to hear it.


  2. Hi Jovanka, Iam so glad you came up with the topic about bulling its a reality, when i was 9 yrs old i was bullied i had butterflies in my stomach just going to school i hated going, i had these rings that i would buy from the buble gum machine, and every weel these too kids brother and sister, they would take them off my finger, i never told anyone, i hoped they would stop, one day the sister caught me alone, she wanted my ring she slapped me around, theni had strenght come from, i don’t know, i slapped her back. i was nevered bothered by them. My point is i had to take measures in my own hands, iam not saying i handled it right, but all this bulling has to stop, its so detramental to all these kids and most of these kids parents don’t want to be told that there are bullies. We have to bring about some change.Thank you

    • Thanks for your comment Deborah, and for the courage to tell your story.

  3. Bullying and cruelty are such big social issues. It takes as much time to hurt someone as it does to life them up. My last act of kindness was picking up a dropped grocery bag for someone.
    Great message!


    • That’s very true. These invisible scars stay with us for decades. Thanks Kerry!

  4. Jovanka, what a timely topic. Bullys have been around FOREVER, It’s so great to finally see this topic become such a hot one. I think that with social media, and frankly since we’re so LIVE with media, etc, we just see it more. Let’s use that same LIVE media to call this out, to make sure people know if they lash out in anger, it is no longer done in secret. I love the line “Nurture that common sense gene”!

  5. A great post Jovanka! It’s so true that we all need to tap into our own “common sense” and live a life we are proud of. I find that even though I’m kind and loving to those around me, I can be quite cruel to myself. The negative self-talk that we all have is also a form of cruelty. And I definitely think that unless we stop that in our lives, it will permeate and trickle down into the way we treat others.
    Great video + topic, thanks for writing about this!

    • Thanks for the kind words Stephanie. So true and poignant.

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