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benefits of hemp

The Benefits of Hemp

by / 11 Comments / 64 View / December 4, 2012

Hemp is a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant.

I know what you’re thinking….

But that’s not what we’re going to talk about here.

Hemp is an ancient plant that has many industrial uses, from clothing, to accessories and even furniture making. It has been in use for hundreds of years in places like Japan, India and the middle east.

But you can also obtain many health benefits from it by adding the seeds to your diet.

Check out this video to learn how you can benefit from consuming hemp on a regular basis.

Amazing, right!

Do you currently use hemp?

If so, which way do you prefer it?

If not, would you considering giving it a try?

Let me know in the comment section below.

11 Comment

  1. I use hemp in the seed form. Just recently I bought the seeds from an outside market. Can you please tell me how much you should consume on a daily basis?

    • I use about a tablespoon per day in seed form and about 8 ounces of the milk when I do smoothies. Hope this helps!

  2. This is great, I would love to understand why hemp is not used in the United States!

  3. Very cool! I never knew the many benefits. Great info.

  4. Hey, Jovanka
    I love your videos AND the info you put in them.
    I never tried hemp – or maybe I thought of taking supplements, but at a certain time I was having way too many supplements to include one more 🙂
    I like the idea of adding hemp to smoothies, as I have one every day, so I’ll keep you posted 🙂
    Thanks again,

    • Thanks Llyane. That’s very sweet of you! Please do let me know how it goes.

  5. I want to try hemp seeds, but haven’t yet. Thanks for the info!

  6. I would like to know if Hemp in any form would benefit someone with Cancer? If so which would you think to be best, liquid, seeds etc…

  7. Hi Jovanka,
    I would like to know if you think hemp would help someone suffering from breast cancer? which would be better for them, using seeds or the oil or what? I appreciate your help on this.

    • Hey Theresa – I have heard about research being currently done by the California Pacific Medical Center in SF on hemp oil for the treatment of cancer and other serious, life-threatening illnesses. Not sure of all the details but I think it’s worth looking into. Hope this helps. Be well!

  8. I really enjoy drinking hemp milk, also I like cooking with hemp oil. I don’t buy the seeds that often because they can be quite pricey in my local health food shop.
    Thanks for the video, whilst already aware of the health benefits of hemp is good to see someone else spreading the word.

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