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The Best Of All Yoga Breathing Exercises

by / 4 Comments / 109 View / January 20, 2015

Also known as alternate nostril breathing, this is a wonderful practice that you learn in yoga classes and all.

Pranayama is an ancient practice concerned with breath control. Research has shown that practicing Pranayama can relieve symptoms of asthma. It is also beneficial in treating stress related disorders, such as anxiety and depression. There are various types of Pranayama practice but the one I like the most and the one I will demonstrate here is the alternate nostril breathing.

Do you have any questions about Pranayama? Share your question and comments in the comments section below the video!

4 Comment

  1. How do you care for your skin ? You have beautiful skin !!

    • Thanks! Jojoba oil is my morning moisturizer (pure jojoba oil) and I make my own vitamin C serum (vitamin C crystal and distilled water). Those 2 things have made an amazing difference!

  2. Hi Jovanka,

    Thanks for the informative video — it helped reduce my stress level …. and love your confidence on camera!


    • Yes, you’ll love it. And thanks for the compliment!

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