5 Mind/Spirit Lessons You Can Learn From Your Dog

Today’s topic is a little unorthodox. After all, you’re probably thinking: “What can a dog teach me about emotional and spiritual health”?

Well, LOTS!

If you’ve ever had a dog or any pet, you know that these amazing creatures are the epitome of loyalty, of living in the moment and of absolute appreciation and love. We can learn simple, yet powerful lessons from our pets just by observing their behavior and following their leads. 

Let me give you these 5 lessons, just to get you started!

Do you have a pet or have had one? What lessons have your learned from your beloved pet?

Let me know by leaving a comment below!

2 thoughts on “5 Mind/Spirit Lessons You Can Learn From Your Dog”

  1. Hello Jovanka , I know this to be true love now before it’s to late and I have had dogs and cats as pets most of my life you are so right about what they give us, also how much we can learn from them to feel complete and rejuvenating joy. For sure it makes us all a better person to learn even more how to enjoy them and our family and friends with much respect and love to you Jovanka. Thank You for sharing this wonderful video!

  2. Loved this Jovanka! I can learn so much from both of my pets (I have both a rescue puppy & a cat). They are such gifts to the world and can teach us a lot about life!! Thanks for this fun flipped perspective. 🙂

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